About me


I am a software engineer who work mostly with Python or C++ who is interested at open source. Lately, I have been working for open source Geographic Information System (GIS), from developing QGIS’s plugin, web GIS, to core contribution to open source project like QGIS and GeoNode. I enjoy software development, problem solving, and learn new tehcnologies. You can check my GitHub account about my latest activity.

Beside GIS, I also interested in 3D, Visualization, Artificial Inteligence, and Machine Learning. But the most important is, I can make other people’s life easier.

Feel free to check my CV


I got my bachelor of science degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia for Informatic Engineering. My final project is about Sentiment Analysis and Topic Extraction for Public Figure on Twitter. Currently, I am currently studying for Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies at University of Muenster and Universitat Jaume I with a scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus programme.

Open Source and the Community

I love open source and its community. I helped initiating Python-ID community in my home town, Yogyakarta and organized several meet ups. Currently, I am helping creating QGIS ID or QGIS Indonesia User Group community. I am trying more and more to contribute to the beautiful open source community.


I like to spend my free time with my wife (e.g. she cooks and I eat or travelling together). I love football (Forza Inter!). When I have more free time, I write in my personal blog. I am also interested in One Piece and Math.

I enjoy travelling and visiting new places. Thansk to my works, I have been able to visit 4 continents. I also have lived in 4 countries (Indonesia, South Korea, Spain, and Germany). Let me know if you want me to visit your place!