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Presenting at FOSS4G Belgium 2019

After finishing my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project with OSGeo - QGIS, Helmut sent an announcement in the Summer of Code mailing list about the result. Additionally, he mentioned about grants for the successful student who wants to present their project at an international conference. I felt this is a good opportunity for me to present my project and get experience of presenting in front of international audiences.

Fortunately, I randomly open the OSGeo Annual General Meeting 2019 slides and found some interesting conferences. One of them is FOSS4G Belgium in Brussel in October. Unfortunately, the deadline for the paper submission has already passed a few days before.

I still submit my presentation though since the submission form was still open and I knew there is usually a deadline extension for submission at a conference. It turned out yes, the deadline is extended. A few days later, the accepted presentations are announced. Mine is one of them.

The conference is not as big as FOSS4G in Bucharest that I attended in August 2019. But there were more than 100 people attended. The ticket is free (kudos to the committee!). I was surprised that the conference main language is French and Dutch. There are some talks in English also but most are not.

Me in action

My presentation is titled by Contributing to Open Source Project as a Student through Google Summer of Code: QGIS 3D Improvement. In this presentation, I talked about the GSoC Project, QGIS 3D, my GSoC project, and some lessons that I learn :). You can find my presentation here.

My presentation ended too quickly. Perhaps I spoke too fast. But it is indeed a nice experience. There were some questions asked after my presentations. Mostly about the Google Summer of Code project and QGIS 3D. Thanks to Saber (Lutra Consulting) who helped me answer some questions regarding QGIS 3D. Btw, he was one of the presenters. He presented about Input. Btw, my mentors are from Lutra also (Martin and Peter).

I also met with Astrid Emde, she is one of the OSGeo board. She is one of the keynote speakers. In her presentation, she mentioned about the GSoC project in OSGeo. After my presentation, she came to me and had some chat about my project and the GSoC itself. She even tweets about my presentation.

The rest of the conference is really good, although I couldn’t understand some of the talks because it is in Dutch or French. Nevertheless, I had fun at this event. :)

If you are interested, you can read my GSoC final report here.

Thanks to OSGeo for the grant. Thanks to FOSS4G Belgium for giving me the opportunity. And thanks to Brussel, it is a nice city.